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Simplified Excellence

Business excellence isn't optional, and it doesn't have to be hard either. We help you simplify critical business activities, cut through the jargon, and win in your market. We are ideal for small businesses and emerging start-ups who could use a fresh set of eyes, business expertise, and some tools and coaching to drive you towards your goals.

Project Management & Business Coaching are available alongside most of our services to help you consistently execute on plans and keep you focused and agile simultaneously.


Branding & Marketing Strategy

You need a strong marketing strategy to convert individuals and businesses to ideal customers and clients. We first work with you to best articulate your brand identity: What is your purpose? How does your business create unique value for your customers? Your identity is your anchor, and we help you project a professional image that aligns with who you are. When evaluating a new or current product or service, we help you analyze your product-market fit, identify your ideal customer, and craft an effective promotion and sales plan.

Deliverables may include: One-page Brand & Marketing Strategy, Marketing Plan

In a Meeting

Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

In order to grow a sustainable business, you must know where to best focus your resources (time, talent, cash). We perform market and company analyses to identify opportunities to improve your business model, stay competitive, and find new ways to expand. Together, we will map out the path to the next level by outlining your strategic initiatives, goals, and performance metrics. Then we will create a detailed action plan and a prioritized list of next steps to help focus your energy.

We also help you package your strategy and action plan in a well-written business plan which is often required for obtaining funding (grants, loans). Speaking of which, if you’re preparing to pitch to potential investors, you may also want to check out our Communication Coaching.

Deliverables may include: One-page Strategic Plan, Business Road Map,  Business Plan

The Wall of Ideas

Operational Excellence

Delivering customer value is the focus of all successful businesses. You must ensure your customer service processes deliver the excellent, repeatable experiences and value they expect from your business. It is also important that all other business processes clearly support that goal or are crucial to keeping the business open. Everything else is a waste. We assess your current customer service and back-office processes and identify ways to make them more effective and efficient, ultimately allowing you to earn and keep more money as profit.

Deliverables may include: Process Flow, Recommendations for Improvement

Public Speaker

Presentation & Speaking Coaching

Public speaking is usually ranked in the top 5 fears of Americans somewhere around death and spiders. We help you overcome fear so you can present with confidence and win over your audience. Whether preparing to provide a business update, pitch to investors, or share your story on social media, we help you better understand your audience, craft the right message, and own your style for maximum impact when you speak.

Deliverables may include: Speech/Video Script, Presentation, Content and Delivery Recommendations


Who We Are

Here at Ave (ah`- vay), we believe in transforming lives and communities by promoting business excellence and fostering entrepreneurship. Business is a way of life for us, and entrepreneurship presents an opportunity to improve the financial and social well-being of families and communities. Founded in 2016, Ave has always sought to marry talent, vision, and drive with structure and business acumen to help others succeed. Shameless plug: if you are interested in partnering with us or joining our team, drop us a note!

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