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That's (ah`- vay) 

Lead a courageously impactful life and business!

Let's co-create a vision for how you'll lead your life and business so you can set the right goals, make faster decisions, and get better returns on your energy and effort... and have some fun!

Book your Vision & Strategy Session to get started!

Are you making the most of your talent, time, and energy? 

  • Enjoy more freedom to do life and business your way

  • Do more things that bring you joy and give you energy

  • Have clarity and confidence in who you are and where you're going

Maybe you're always tired but have little to show for your effort.

Or maybe you're always busy, but the most important things aren’t getting done. 

Or perhaps you feel like you have so much more to offer to the world, but you feel limited and stuck.


Even when you manage to get things done, it all feels hard, and you're definitely not enjoying the journey.


All of that can add up to feeling stressed, overwhelmed, undervalued, and, ironically, even useless.


I get it!


Having an inspiring vision and creative strategy based on YOU -- YOUR desires, YOUR superpowers, and YOUR challenges -- can shift your life and business from the gray mundane to vibrant productivity that feels like play.


But here's the thing: sometimes we can be too close to our vision to see it clearly, and other times our dream can seem so far away that it doesn’t come into focus.


​So we take our queues from our managers, our circumstances, or whatever is trending on social media.

But you are not them.


You want to live a fulfilling and impactful life that feels authentic to you. What does that look like? How do you get there?

The answers are not in them, they're in you

As your coach, my objective is to help you bring your vision into focus and connect the dots in your life and career so you can:​

Are You Ready?

We will spend two hours connecting with what's most important to you, envisioning your dream, and creating version one of your new strategy.

After our time together, you'll be ready to:

Build a life you love every day, not just on Saturdays.

Simplify your life and eliminate unnecessary work.

Add the right people to your network.

Make quicker and easier decisions about opportunities.

Seek the right personal and professional development.

Live and lead more authentically in all areas of your life.

Stop watching others live your best life.


Emily Klein.jpg

"It literally felt like we were just having a normal conversation about my dreams, goals, vision, and events! Next thing I know my vision was on paper!!!! I was blown away! I felt like I literally planned out my first year (high level) as a dance company in one sitting!" -Shanketta O.

"She has encouraged me to branch out and try things I never thought possible. Her drive and passion for life are so contagious and leave you believing you can conquer the world... She will open your mind up to seeing other possibilities." - Emily K.

“Your ability to ask the right questions led to the end result that I desired but could not fully articulate." - Lisa L.

To celebrate the launch of this new offering, you will only pay $97 today. That won't last forever though.

Just a heads up!

Meet Your Coach

Hey hey! I'm Ebony, and it would be my pleasure to meet you!

Our deepest desires and wildest dreams flow from our purpose, and every person contains a valuable puzzle piece of a better society. I believe the role of my piece is to inspire and equip people to lead courageously impactful lives and businesses.


I have over a decade of work experience in Corporate America where I served in various leadership roles and assisted in furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. 


Businesses have this amazing opportunity to transform lives and communities--an opportunity few institutions share--so having engaged, empathetic, and effective leaders at every level is mission critical. I support small businesses and solopreneurs through life, leadership, and communication coaching.

A self-proclaimed extroverted introvert, I currently play life from Georgia, USA where I randomly break into singing and dancing with my family and enjoy quiet solo moments at a nearby lake. I am energized by newness and love co-creating strategies to get more done by having more fun. I am no stranger to adversity, but each challenge has forged new tools, perspectives, and superpowers that help me love and lead well today.

Ebony S. Sweeney, MBA  Coach | Speaker

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