No Regrets!

Lead a courageously impactful life and business!

Let's co-create a vision for how you'll lead your life and business so you can set the right goals, make faster decisions, and get better returns on your energy and effort.

How will you use your time, money, and energy in 2022 and beyond?

It's that time of year


If you're anything like me, ...setting goals (especially professional dev and soft skills) is hard.

Making vision boards

What if you could waste less time and energy at home and work 

What if you knew exactly what to focus on 

It's one thing to work on exactly what your manager says or what someone else does

But you are not them and your manager probably doesn't know the real you or what you really want.

Do you? Do you know? 

The answers to your questions are not in them, they're in you.

Courageous impact 

See them in a story

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How it Works

1.) Select your preferred date and time.

Choose a convenient time that would allow for the fewest distractions. 

2.) Download your companion guide.

To get the most out of your live coaching session, spend a few minutes answering some primer questions.

3.) Attend your coaching session.

We'll spend 90 minutes co-creating a vision for the next version of you and mapping out your next steps.

After our time together, you'll be ready to:

Build a life you love every day, not just on Saturdays.

Simplify your life and eliminate unnecessary work.

Add the right people to your network.

Make quicker and easier decisions about opportunities.

Seek the right personal and professional development.

Live and lead more authentically in all areas of your life.

Stop watching others live your best life.

Meet Your Coach

Hey hey! I'm Ebony, and it would be my pleasure to meet you!

Courageously impactful life and business

It takes courage to live authentically, but that's how we make the maximum impact in the lives of those we love and care for. 

Our deepest desires and wildest dreams flow from our purpose, and every person's purpose contains a valuable piece to the puzzle of a better society. I believe I exist to inspire and equip people to live in the freedom and fullness of their purpose and to effect positive change in organizations. I am energized by newness and love co-creating strategies to get more done by having more fun.


I have over a decade of work experience in corporate America primarily in accounting and continuous improvement. I quit my full-time months ago to be ultra present with my family and fully invest myself into living my dream. I have been a professional coach for five years though I've informally coached others much of my life. 


Ebony S. Sweeney,  Coach | Speaker

Yes! Let's get started!

The early bird gets the worm... and pays less. 


I am launching this offering at a deep discount so I can quickly work out any kinks.


There are very limited spots at this price so I recommend you go ahead and reserve yours if you already know this is for you. Why wait for the price to increase?