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Ebony S. Sweeney 

Relational Strategist
& Executive Coach

That's (ah`- vay) 

It's time to 
Release Your Value!

You dream of success on your terms, showing up fully as yourself, and making profound impact on those around you. Stop allowing assumptions, fear, and ever-changing circumstances to hinder you from speaking up, stepping out, and leading powerfully. By embracing your authenticity, cultivating creativity, and relishing collaboration, your intentions will become impact, and your business will be better for it.

What hinders you from releasing your value and
making the impact you desire?


What if you and those around you showed up more authentically -- courageously speaking and living your truth?

What if your life and business enjoyed more creativity, ingenuity, and innovation -- approaching challenges and change with curiosity and possibility?

How much more value could you release into your world if we all collaborated more -- up-leveling ideas, sharing resources, and supporting each other?

Your customers, community, and family are waiting to see, too.

That's why you and I will co-create an inviting environment where authenticity and creativity and collaboration thrive.

It's where the gold is!

Our Approach


Explore challenges, uncover fears, and tap into your superpowers while clarifying and executing your strategy for realizing your vision. 


Increase connection and influence while fully expressing yourself with clarity, confidence, and effectiveness.


Co-create and enjoy spaces where people are invited to be their best selves - growing, contributing, and creating amazing experiences for others.

How We Support You

Executives & Organizations

One-on-one and team coaching

Conversation facilitation

Executive-minded Leaders, Coaches, & Entrepreneurs

Group coaching

One-on-one coaching

Speaking &



Inspiring talks and

co-creative activities

Meet Your Coach

Hey hey! I'm Ebony, and it would be my pleasure to meet you!

Our deepest desires and wildest dreams flow from our purpose, and every person contains a valuable puzzle piece of a better society. I believe the role of my piece is to inspire and equip people to lead courageously impactful lives and businesses.


I have over a decade of work experience in Corporate America where I served in various leadership roles and assisted in furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. 


Businesses have this amazing opportunity to transform lives and communities--an opportunity few institutions share--so having engaged, empathetic, and effective leaders at every level is mission critical. I support small businesses and solopreneurs through life, leadership, and communication coaching.

A self-proclaimed extroverted introvert, I currently play life from Georgia, USA where I randomly break into singing and dancing with my family and enjoy quiet solo moments at a nearby lake. I am energized by newness and love co-creating strategies to get more done by having more fun. I am no stranger to adversity, but each challenge has forged new tools, perspectives, and superpowers that help me love and lead well today.


Ebony S. Sweeney, MBA  Coach | Speaker

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